A Practical Guide

Hosting A
small group


We encourage two or three people preferably from diverse disciplines to host, facilitate and invite people.  

Ideally a Retreat is made up of between 10 and 20 people around a kitchen or coffee table rather than a board table. Ideally (but not necessarily) this is in someone’s home. 

Each gathering around the world employs the same practice, working through the same seven elements - a practice that creates a greater sense of connection and belonging.

Each person attending a small group will be given online access to the Panahpur community.  This is a safe place for leaders in emergency to keep connected to their small group as well as to a wider network. This exclusive platform will also enable users to engage and interact with wisdom, knowledge and understanding from different groups around the world.


Wonder & Wisdom
From silence we remind ourselves that we are connected into something much higher and wider than ourselves.  We wonder at nature for all its complexity, brilliance and beauty, but also for the way it models sustainability and resilience. This could be in the shape of a mind-blowing TED talk, a snippet from a podcast or an epic scene from the Blue Planet.
Someone else’s story
We believe there is something powerful and positively infectious about leaders who tell and champion people or organisational stories that are not their own.  This ideally should be in twos or threes to get everyone involved and engaged early on and is an element that people should know in advance so they come prepared.  We believe great stories are the bedrock from which positive activism flows.
When it comes to the moment of introducing everyone we recommend that the two or three hosts introduce everyone in a positive and passionate way that retains a low power footprint!
Giving & Receiving
A question or selection of questions are proposed by the hosts and an agreement is made collectively as to the approach you take.  We recommend conversations happen in smaller groups so that everyone has the chance to contribute. Further questions/issues should also be encouraged to flow out of this time.  www.artofhosting.org provide some good conversational models.
Harvesting & Sharing
If we have split into different groups around the questions then we give time for feedback and the harvesting of ideas, solutions, wisdom and insights.  After the gathering we encourage hosts to post wonder, questions and insights onto the Panahpur Community site.
Ideally this should not land on one person and should be informal & relaxed.  Our last gathering finished in a local pub where we had a meal together.  Alternatively it could be a piece of cake and a mug of tea or glass of wine around someone’s home.
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