The Meaning of Panahpur

of refuge
and safety


The Panahpur Trust was established in 1907 by a British engineer based in Uttar Pradesh, India, as UK-based family trust - initially to support a village of the same name. The village, called Panahpur, was created as a safe place for orphaned children to be raised. Later, the trust initially supported other excluded and marginalized people.

Over the last ten years, the Panahpur Trust made a decision to put all its’ capital to work to shape a better world, seeing that modern investment too often fails to do this.

The conventional asset management industry could not respond to this request.

So it resulted in the establishment of a new asset management company, Snowball, whose goal is to establish a new normal in asset management – that the purpose of investment capital is to shape a better world whilst delivering reasonable returns.

Initially this was done in partnership with the Golden Bottle Trust and it now has other partners. This decision enabled the Panahpur board to turn their attention to the question of what their best contribution might be in the future to fulfill their mission.

In January 2019, and building on a decade of work around the World, they agreed that in these pressured and significant days there was a real need to more systematically support – and connect - people who are leading change in these most significant times.

Our faith roots inspire our values and practice.  We believe that Jesus came to model the re-imagination of what culture and society could be.  A vision centred not around institutional religion but on radical love, servanthood and justice.

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